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Why we love alexandrite

Color changing stone

Known as “Ruby by night, emerald by day” stone


Very rare stone in nature and very valuable

Birthstone of

June (with moonstone and pearl), 55th wedding anniversary

Alexandrite in jewelry

Natural Alexandrite is more valuable and expensive than some diamonds, emerald, ruby, or sapphire. Found in Russia in 1830, it is an extremely rare gemstone in nature. That’s why most of the alexandrites at the market are lab-created or imitated. This amazing color-changing gemstone is very popular in engagement rings.

Symbolizes good luck, love, and romance.

The biggest alexandrite weight was about 65.08 carats and was valued at $4 million.

Mineral - Chrysoberyl. Mohs hardness - 8.5, very durable

Color: from green under the natural daily light to purplish and brownish by nighttime and under different lighting conditions.

Geography: Originally found in Russia, and later in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe.

Imitation: Could be natural (very rare and expensive), lab-created, and imitated

Read more about Lab-alexandrites here.

Alexandrite rings

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