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Why We Love Amethyst

Affordable price

It is a quite inexpensive but very beautiful gemstone

Healing Properties

Gemstone is believed to have healing properties and is called a “good luck stone”

Birthstone of

February, 17th and 6th wedding anniversaries

Amethyst in Jewelry

Amethyst was one of the most valuable gemstones along with emerald, sapphire, and ruby until the 19th century when Brazil´s mines were discovered. The name came from Greek - “amethystos” and means “not drunk”, or “protected from drunkenness”. It was widely popular in Ancient Egyptian and other cultures as spiritual stones.

It symbolizes grace, wisdom, and energy.

Mineral - Quartz. Mohs hardness - 7, good enough for everyday wear

Color - it varies from deep purple to light lavender and light violet colors. Be careful with amethyst as it may lose or change its color under heat or light exposure.

Geography: The world's largest producer is South America (Brazil in particular), Africa, and the USA. However, it is commonly found around the globe.

Imitation: Amethyst can be natural, lab-created or imitated.

Amethyst Rings

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Amethysts Available

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