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Our story

There are two human souls behind the Eden Garden Jewelry brand and one little star born to show them all the treasures life can bring. Let us tell you the story about love, burnt bridges and golden gardens.

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The beginning of our story is very much like yours. We met each other in 2005 and felt in love. It was a crush, a tight knot interlaced from the very first day. Thousands unforgettable moments were awaiting ahead.

We took a roller-coaster ride called 'marriage' and after 17 years still cultivating our love and friendship.

There were many turbulence zones we went through but the most significant happened with us in 2012. That year Oleg decided to leave the business he was successful in for 10 years. Nowadays it's called 'downshifting', but for us it was a life-saving act. We could buy a nice house, we could continue travelling to faraway lands, living in luxury but being totally frustrated. Money can't buy you happiness - that's the fact.

We leapt in the dark, leaving behind all the previous experiences and finally turned up into the brightest reality.

Why jewelry? We often hear this question but still can't explain how exactly the life's path brought us to this art. Tania always was a creative soul, trying herself in storytelling, photography, different kinds of visual arts. She was looking for the perfect form to express her creativity. Meeting with silversmith Olegs Auzers gave her a chance to see the jewelry art as something more than making just shiny things with precious stones.

It was a challenging studies at the Baltic Jewelry Association college (Riga, Latvia), full with philosophy knowledge, ancient techniques secrets, and both mind and metal sculpting tasks. We will forever cherish the memory of our beloved Teacher, O. Auzers, deep within our hearts. Though he left us in 2022, his profound philosophy will continue to resonate through the ages, as we strive to embody and showcase his wisdom in our exquisite jewelry work.

When Oleg joined Tania in studies it was clear that the romance with jewelry making is something to last for ages. We graduated from jewelry college and started to build our own studio when got amazing news: there will be a baby. Now we often joke that we have two kids: our daughter and the workshop. First steps were taken together and we watch them both growing. From the first day the studio was opened we started selling online and shortly got repeat customers from North America, Europe, UK, Australia and Japan.  

During these years we experienced an evolution of growing ourselves from traditional goldsmiths to contemporary artists skilfully mixing ancient techniques with modern technologies.

Recently we relocated to Valencia, Spain and opened a new chapter of our story. Now we live our dream and work hand by hand. Surrounded by beautiful gardens of Spain we're getting an inspiration daily. All previous years we worked hard to become masters in recreating intricate shapes of nature. Grown up in a place where East meets West now we strive to express our eclectic character through our work - juxtaposing rough textures with delicate movements, making our designs look both modern and timeless. From romantic engagement rings to bold organic wedding bands - each piece is made individually and shows the best quality of handcrafted jewelry.  

There are hundreds of couples around the world who have chosen our rings for the very special moment of their lives. We're honoured to be the part of so many love stories. Feel free to share YOUR story. We'll be happy to immortalise your feelings in a jewelry masterpiece.


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