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A unique engagement ring is a fairytale that came true, especially if you choose the right one for your bride-to-be.  While it seems so easy at first glance, it’s not something to be taken lightly.  If you want to impress her for a lifetime and show her your everlasting love, read some insightful advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes and select the perfect engagement ring! 5 TIPS on How to Find a Unique Engagment Ring for Her

What makes an engagement ring unique?

How to choose the right one? What makes an engagement ring stand out? 

The answer is simple - it’s all about the style and the quality of the used materials! 


The style conveys the overall look and the feel of the ring: modern, classic, vintage, nature-inspired, or romantic. The modern and the classic unique simple engagement rings feature timeless, sleek designs and traditional cuts, while the vintage, nature-inspired, or romantic style is the best choice for the brides who love customized pieces, softer lines, intricate details, and colored precious stones. 

When it comes to materials, all three types of gold (Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold) and platinum are the ones used most frequently. Titanium, silver, and stainless steel also found their way in with quality and affordability. The modern brides love it because it can showcase their unique style – especially if the ring is a handmade piece. 

Today the styling possibilities are endless: you can have a trendy mixed-colored-metal engagement ring, a ring with colored precious and semi-precious stones, a stackable wedding ring set (featuring an engagement and a wedding ring), a unique engagement ring set, couple ring set and so much more. 

Where to find the engagement ring of her dreams?

Hundreds of online and offline stores are waiting for you. If you’re looking for a unique piece that can stay in your family for generations, a custom-made or handmade ring is your best choice. When you buy the non-mass-produced ring, you have full control over the designing process and vision: an exquisite master jeweler can design a ring tailored to your wishes and specifications. A skilled artisan will always go the extra mile to accommodate your needs, unlike a mass reseller. Also purchasing from a small business, you support crafted artists who pour their heart and soul into all the projects they undertake.  

 unique engagement ring

The Pandemic has changed the way we think and buy, but it also “pushed” the small jewelry businesses to open up their websites and online stores. Now it’s easier than ever to find and purchase the perfect ring online from the comfort of your own home! 


5 Tips on how to find a unique engagement ring

Looking for the perfect ring shouldn’t be stressful and shouldn’t be in done in a hurry. We’ll make the whole process easier for you, just follow the following steps!

Get Inspired!

Whatever you do, be inspired! That’s especially true in this case. Pay attention to what kind of jewelry your significant other wears: does she prefer classic, simple, elegant pieces or loves jewelry with a vintage flair? That will give you a hint of what to look for. 

Once you determine her style, do your research: Check Google, Pinterest, check out wedding jewelry websites or visit your local stores, to get a better idea of what is offered in the market and current prices. 

Be Patient

Patience is the key. Be sure to investigate all the options before you decide: you don’t buy an engagement ring that often, do you? Learn some basics, pros, and cons of different metals and stones, while having your beloved one’s taste in mind. 

Decide on Design and Main Details

Do you want a pre-made piece or a one-of-a-kind ring for her? If you can’t find a design you like in a mass reseller shop, that’s usually the end of the mass market road. At the same time that’s just the beginning of your journey to custom or handcrafted jewelry.

There are many shops online and offline offering this service. The jewelry designer will accompany you along the way in the ring creation process, will help you out with the choice of the right material, gemstone, style, setting, and other details. At Eden Garden Jewelry we also provide the custom ring creation service. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. And best of all, our custom engagement ring services are available online, so you can fill out the form and our jewelry designer will be in touch with you as soon as possible! 

Great customer service goes a long way

Great customer service is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to something as important as choosing your perfect wedding or engagement ring. 

The perfect assistant will be available to respond to all your questions and doubts about the materials, size, style and guide you all along the way. 

Good communication is the key, so don’t hesitate to ask anything you need and resolve all your doubts. 

Purchase and Relax

Finally, after you’ve got all the necessary information and insight, you can freely purchase the ring you’ve selected. Be mindful about the production time and the shipping process – it varies from shop to shop, so always inquire about these essential details before making an order. 

Now you can finally unwind and relax, knowing that the unique engagement ring, an unforgettable testimonial to your everlasting love, is on its way. 


A unique design, attention to detail, exquisite craftsmanship, and dedication are just some reasons why you should opt for a handmade, instead of a mass-produced engagement ring. Secondly, you know that the artist will dedicate his passion, time, and skills to make the best one, only for you. Thirdly, customer service will always go the extra mile to satisfy all your needs. Finally, when you shop from a small business, you support a family, you support a dream. 

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