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Custom ring, customized ring or one-of-a-kind jewelry

There are three types of individually made engagement rings. Let’s name all of them starting from the most affordable one:

 Customized engagement rings: individual touch for existing styles

Saw a yellow gold ring with green peridot but would like to have a similar one in white gold and with blue sapphire? Love our Ariadne bridal ring set but wish to have oak leaves instead of ivy? Well, all this would count as customization. The same as adding small detail to a design, enlarging central gemstone or removing accents. Our technologies and designer acknowledgment allow us to adjust our engagement rings easily and in a short period of time. It won’t cost a lot, normally we ask around $60-$300 for customization, depending on the difficulty.

customized ring

In the end, you will get an individually made engagement ring with a personalized touch and without breaking the bank. 

Completely custom: designer makes a sketch based on customer’s idea and details provided

Normally it works when a customer likes the specific style but can’t find the exact ring he / she would like to buy. For example, a request may sound: “I love elvish, LOTR style rings, but would like to get mine not bulky and too busy with details. Would like to have a textured band (example attached) and some delicate nature-inspired details surrounding gemstones. For a central gemstone I wish to get a round or oval cut sapphire. Feel free to use some small gemstones if it goes nice with a pattern. Not a fan of traditional diamonds, but will be happy to have black diamonds as accents if possible.”

Fun fact: just try to google ‘elvish engagement ring with oval sapphire and black diamonds’ and you will see - nothing matches the described project! That’s why some ideas need a bespoke process. 

After the design is discussed and a budget with a timeframe is approved, the designer begins to work with a sketch. The more freedom designer has, the more likely you will get a few concepts - around 3 different sketches to choose from.  

custom ring

When a sketch is approved we begin to work on a detailed visualisation. At this step, a plain ring concept gets its shape. You will see a turnaround 3D visualisation showing a ring from the each angle. We give our customers 2 rounds of revisions, free of cost: although the main idea was approved on a sketch step, here you can adjust some details - enlarge the band thickness, add texture or slightly change some shapes. 

Final approval is done and we begin to bring the idea to life! After a long process of crafting the ring, setting the stones, and giving a final polish you get beautiful pictures of the finished work. Now it’s ready to be shipped and presented to your significant one. 

Will my custom ring be one-of-a-kind?

Like everything in our world, exclusive things are costly. After years of working in this field and watching our customers' behavior, we came to a conclusion that everyone deserves their dreams to come true and it shouldn’t cost thousands. 

When starting to work with us on a custom engagement ring you agree that we keep our rights to use some parts and / or the entire design in our future creations. This allows us to keep a starting quote for a custom job from $1200 (gemstones excluded). If you wish to get your dream ring and not overpay for exclusiveness, this is a win-win situation!    

One-of-a-kind engagement rings is something we do too. If you really care about owning an absolutely unique ring we shall discuss it before the job starts. Count on $2000 - $4000 for the ring excluding expensive gemstones (diamonds, sapphires, emeralds). 

 one of a kind ring

Your questions answered

Now when you realize the difference between custom and customized engagement rings, feel free to share your ideas with us. By filling up this custom ring design request form you will get a prompt answer from the jewelry designer with an estimated quote and all other details provided. Let’s bring to life your golden dream together!

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