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White gold engagement ring with lab alexandrite / Silvestra

White gold engagement ring with lab alexandrite

Silvestra: check this ring style with different gemstones

Woman's name Silvestra comes from Latin and means "from the forest".

Leaf arrangement comes accurately down the shank and look so realistic. Small diamonds are scattered between the leaves reminding water drops - like those you can see in the forest at early morning.

Silvestra is one of the most comfortable designs in our collection. It can work as a wedding band as well. 

This unique engagement ring is made from solid gold and adorned with lab alexandrite as a central gemstone and manmade or diamonds as accents. Nature ring features botanical design with detailed leaves and romantic mood with touch of vintage inspired style. 

Lab alexandrite 

This is the true synthetic colour change Alexandrite - Chrysoberyl, not a Flame Fusion Corundum imitation (simulant). Material is completely the same as best varieties of the genuine Alexandrite - Russian, Brazilian or Rhodesian


  • Central gemstone: Lab-created alexandrite - 6 mm, cushion shape, VS, 1.8 ct

  • Accent gemstones - choose an option:

    1. Manmade-moissanites: round cut, H colour, VVS, 0.09 ct

    Moissanites are high quality man-made diamonds, we use the most durable ones available on market, VVS clarity. 

    2. Natural diamonds: conflict-free, HVS - HSI, 1.5mm x 6 pieces, 0.09 ct

  • 14K or 18K gold by your choice
  • gold colours available: white, rose, yellow

If you can't find your perfect gemstone / gold colour combination, please contact for customisation:

White gold engagement ring with lab alexandrite
Lab alexandrite  engagement ring made in white gold, nature inspired  engagement ring
Silvestra is handmade engagement ring, mde of white gold with lab created alexandrite and small diamonds
Unique engagement ring in white gold  with lab alexandrite
White gold engagement ring with lab alexandrite / Silvestra - Eden Garden Jewelry™
round engagement ring with alexandrite and diamonds
Lab alexandrite made in white gold , with tiny leaves as details / Silvestra  ring style by Eden Garden Jewelry™
custom engagement ring with alexandrites and diamonds