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Florentina | custom bridal ring setting for round cut gemstone 6.5 mm

Create Your Custom Engagement Ring Set

How it works? To place a custom ring order your cart must contain a minimum two items: desirable ring setting AND a gemstone. The setting will be adjusted individually to fit the gemstone you've selected. If you wish to have a digital mockup before we start production, please contact us after completing a purchase. 

Follow these 2 easy steps:

1. Select a ring setting 2. Choose a central gemstone


About this ring style:

This ring design shows all the best of a fine jewelry inspired by nature. Sophistication with charming detailing will make her heart skip a beat once she gets this proposal ring. 

We called this ring Florentina - it comes from Roman name Florentius, which was from the Latin word florens, meaning "blossoming, flourishing". Central gemstone surrounded by a rich diamond halo is placed on a delicate branch and surrounded with lovely petals - this composition reminds of a flower bud and leaf shapes were inspired by rose vines. 

Beautiful and carefully crafted gold ring is complimented with a matching wedding band. You won’t need to look around for a perfect wedding band once the special day comes.

Central gemstone: visualisation shows round cut 6.5 mm gemstone, weight: 0.8 - 1.3 ct average depending on a gemstone type. We can set slightly smaller or bigger central gem as well.

      Choose halo&wedding band gemstones:

      ✵ OPTION 1: Moissanites: VVS clarity, G colour, 21 pcs: 1 mm x 4, 1.3 mm x 12, 1.5 mm x 1, 1.8 mm x 4, 0.23 carat total

      Moissanites are high quality man-made diamonds, we use the most durable ones available on market, VVS clarity. 

      ✵ OPTION 2: Lab grown diamonds, DEF colour, VS clarity, 21 pcs: 1 mm x 4, 1.3 mm x 12, 1.5 mm x 1, 1.8 mm x 4, 0.23 carat total

      ✵ OPTION 3: Natural diamonds: conflict-free, HVS, 21 pcs: 1 mm x 4, 1.3 mm x 12, 1.5 mm x 1, 1.8 mm x 4, 0.23 carat total

      Check real pictures and examples of finished Florentina ring 

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      Florentina | custom bridal ring set with round cut gemstone 6.5 mm - Eden Garden Jewelry™