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Alexandrite and diamonds engagement ring / Azalea

Alexandrite and diamonds engagement ring

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This is an upgraded variation of our Azalea style ring - it features central alexandrite gemstone with natural diamonds as accents. Nature inspired engagement ring is made of solid gold looks really delicate and charming. Thanks to a balanced design and thickness of material used, it is sturdy and durable for everyday wear.

Leaf ring will represent your tender feelings and serious intentions in the original way. Check other variations of this style or feel free to request custom design.


  • alexandrite: lab grown, colour changing, round cut 6 mm, 1 ct
  • diamonds: natural, conflict-free, 3 mm, HSI 0.1 ct each
  • 14K or 18K gold by your choice
  • gold colours available: white, rose, yellow


This is the true synthetic colour change Alexandrite - Chrysoberyl, not a Flame Fusion Corundum imitation (simulant). Made by Czochralski pulled method. Material is completely the same as best varieties of the genuine Alexandrite - Russian, Brazilian or Rhodesian. Same quality natural Alexandrite is extremely rare and much more expensive than diamond.

Video shows different gemstone combination, feel free to request customised ring:

Alexandrite and diamonds engagement ring / Azalea - Eden Garden Jewelry™
this ring holds alexandrite birth stone for june. golden ring with round cut gemstone, side view
round cut alexandrite and diamonds engagement ring
Engagement rings with alexandrite Azalea  style by Eden Garden Jewelry™
Alexandrite and diamonds engagement ring  features color changing gemstone as canter stone and samller diamonds as side stones
Unique ring with alexandrite, handmade jewelry, gold ring with leaves and flowers, holds alexandrite and diamonds
Alexandrite and diamonds engagement ring / Azalea - Eden Garden Jewelry™
nature inspired engagement rings with alexandrite
Diamonds and alexandrite engagement ring  inspired by nature
gold rings with alexandrite and diamonds