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1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina - Eden Garden Jewelry™
1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina - Eden Garden Jewelry™
1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina - Eden Garden Jewelry™
1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina - Eden Garden Jewelry™
1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina - Eden Garden Jewelry™
1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina - Eden Garden Jewelry™
1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina - Eden Garden Jewelry™

1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set / Undina

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1 carat green tourmaline bridal ring set

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The name of this engagement ring style is of Latin origin meaning "little wave". Undina appears in European folklore as fairy-like creatures, this name may be used for a water nymph or water spirit. 

    This listing is for the set of two rings:

    Hypnotising flow of art nouveau style is a feature of this engagement ring. Wavy lines are adorned with enlarged milgrain reminiscent water bubbles swirling around the focal gemstone. Flowing stamens and small leaves complete the whole composition.

    Side gemstones: choose manmade diamonds or natural ones in options. 

    Other gemstones: feel free to request your unique gemstone combination. Use live chat for inquires or contact us by e-mail:


    • central gemstone: natural green tourmaline, 6.5 mm, 1 ct, VS, Africa
      ✵ choose accent diamond option: 
        1. manmade, moissanites: sustainable choice, the most durable manmade diamonds available on market, VVS clarity, good sparkle 
        2. natural, conflict-free, H colour, VS-SI clarity, 0.1 ct total

      • 14K or 18K gold by your choice
      • gold colours available: white, rose, yellow

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        As already said in our article about how to measure your correct ring size, the best way to figure it out is visiting local jeweller or any jewelry store. Professional will help you better than any home method! Here at Eden Garden Jewelry we use US size standards and you can use this trustworthy conversion chart in case if you got different standards measurements. 

        If you live in Germany, there's common to use inside circumference measurements. For example, German size 55 means that your ring's circumference is 55 mm and in US size chart this will be 7 1/4. 

        Common European standards use inside diameter. It means if jeweller said you have size 16.5 mm you shall choose size 6 US when purchasing one of our rings. 

        Inside Diameter Inside CircumferenceSizes
        MMInchMMInchUK US
        12.180.48238.261.51A 1/23/4
        12.600.49639.581.56B 1/21 1/4
        12.780.50340.151.58C1 1/2
        13.000.51240.841.61C 1/21 3/4
        13.410.52842.131.66D 1/22 1/4
        13.610.53642.761.68E2 1/2
        13.830.54443.451.71E 1/22 3/4
        14.150.55744.451.75F 1/23 1/8
        14.250.56144.771.76F 3/43 1/4
        14.360.56545.111.77G3 3/8
        14.450.56945.401.79G 1/43 1/2
        14.560.57345.741.80G 1/23 5/8
        14.650.57746.021.81H3 3/4
        14.860.58546.681.84H 1/24
        15.040.59247.251.86I4 1/4
        15.270.60147.971.89I 1/24 1/2
        15.400.60648.381.90J4 5/8
        15.530.61148.791.92J 1/44 3/4
        15.700.61849.321.94J 1/25
        15.800.62249.641.95K5 1/8
        15.900.62649.951.97K 1/45 1/4
        16.000.63050.271.98K 1/25 3/8
        16.100.63450.581.99L5 1/2
        16.300.64251.212.02L 1/45 3/4
        16.410.64651.552.03L 1/25 7/8
        16.710.65852.502.07M 1/26 1/4
        16.920.66653.162.09N6 1/2
        17.130.67453.822.12N 1/26 3/4
        17.450.68754.822.16O 1/27 1/4
        17.750.69955.762.20P7 1/2
        17.970.70756.452.22P 1/27 3/4
        18.350.72257.652.27Q 1/28 1/4
        18.530.72958.212.29Q 3/48 1/2
        18.610.73358.472.30R8 5/8
        18.690.73658.722.31R 1/48 3/4
        18.800.74059.062.32R 1/28 7/8
        18.890.74859.342.35R 3/49
        19.100.75260.002.36S9 1/8
        19.220.75760.382.38S 1/49 1/4
        19.310.76060.662.39S 1/29 3/8
        19.410.76460.982.40S 3/49 1/2
        19.510.76861.292.41T9 5/8
        19.620.77261.642.43T 1/49 3/4
        19.840.78162.332.45T 1/210
        20.020.78862.892.48U10 1/4
        20.200.79763.462.50U 1/210 1/2
        20.320.80063.842.51V10 5/8
        20.440.80564.212.53V 1/410 3/4
        20.680.81464.972.56V 1/211
        20.760.81765.222.57W11 1/8
        20.850.82165.502.58W 1/411 1/4
        20.940.82465.782.59W 1/211 3/8
        21.080.83066.222.61W 3/411 1/2
        21.180.83466.542.62X11 5/8
        21.240.83666.732.63X 1/411 3/4
        21.300.83966.922.64X 1/211 7/8
        21.690.85468.142.68Y 1/212 1/4
        21.890.86268.772.71Z12 1/2
        22.100.87069.432.73Z +1/212 3/4

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        You will get a standard UPS plastic bag without any branded and jewelry related packaging outside. Each ring comes nicely wrapped in a discreet black box with colour ribbon and is ready to give. We use classical ring boxes (faux leather) with golden leaf stamping outside:

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