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Everyone loves jewelry, but it is essential to understand the difference between fine and fashion jewelry before a purchase. Sometimes people think that anything from a branded jewelry store must be fine jewelry, but it’s not always true.

Here we will explain the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, compare them and help you to choose the right quality according to a budget and occasion.

what is fine jewelry

What is the definition of fine jewelry?

Fine jewelry refers to any jewelry made out of precious metals like solid gold, platinum, and genuine gemstones. Therefore, it is pretty expensive, long-lasting and more robust.  


It is a good choice for items you plan to wear often as well as for jewelry that has emotional value, such as engagement rings.

When we speak about gold alloys, fine jewelry is made from 18K or 14K gold. Lower karats are avoided by fine jewelry brands, since it tends to tarnish and loose its original look faster.

Thank high-quality materials fine jewelry is timeless and durable enough to last for ages and even become an heirloom piece of jewelry. Furthermore, it is easily repaired, resized, and with regular cleaning, it looks as good as new.

You can buy fine jewelry online or from your local jewelry store. Branded jewelry is also available on the world's famous brand stores or websites; however, it is more expensive as the brand name adds value.

Pros and cons of fine jewelry

Pros: you can wear fine jewelry not only on special occasions such as engagements, graduations, marriage ceremonies but also wear it every day without worrying about taking it off. You can maintain your jewelry for many years, repair it if needed and be sure it never goes out of style.


Fine jewelry is a good investment as it’s made of precious metals and gemstones. You can wear it for years without degrading its value and pass it on to generations.

Cons: Fine jewelry is more expensive compared to fashion jewelry, and not everyone can afford it. Also, you have to give proper care and keep it in a safe place.

Moreover, due to many fakes, you need to be very careful in purchasing fine jewelry. Be sure your item has a hallmark specifying metal karats, as well as some documents proving its authenticity.  Always deal with trusted jewelers to make sure you purchase the real thing.


What is Fashion jewelry?

Fashion jewelry is made of non-precious metals and less expensive or simulated stones. Fashion jewelry is worn for a short period with a specific outfit and goes out of style quickly. Additionally, it is not long-lasting and can loose the look or even get broken over time.


Fashion jewelry is definitely cheaper than fine jewelry; therefore, almost anyone can afford it. Fashion jewelry is mass-produced, machine-made and typically used to keep up with the latest trends and accessorise an outfit.


Some fashion jewelry pieces are gold plated and you need to keep in mind that plating will wear off over time. It is essential to keep gold-plated jewelry away from chemicals, water, and oil to prolong life.


fashion jewelry

Pros and cons of Fashion jewelry

Pros:  Fashion jewelry is low in price and more affordable, since it’s made from non-precious materials. It follows the latest trends and there is big variety to choose from.

Cons: Fashion jewelry loses its value after wearing it few times and is not meant to wear every day. It is difficult to repair, it tarnishes quicker and due to some cheap metals such as nickel and brass could be harmful to people with sensitive skin and allergies.

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What is high jewelry? 

High jewelry and fine jewelry are both expensive. High jewelry differs from fine jewelry because it is more focused on the art form, and its pieces are always exclusive. High jewelry is more expensive than fine jewelry because it includes not only the value of metal or stones but also the art and handwork of craftsman behind it.


Tailor-made with distinctive designs, high jewelry typically has a meaning behind it and symbolizes wealth and power.


Famous brands such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier offers high jewelry limited-offer pieces to special clients who want something unique. Although main collections offered by those famous brands are considered as fine jewelry.



fine jewelry and fashion jewelry diference

Now that you know the difference between jewelry types take your time and choose wisely.


  • You can purchase fashion jewelry if you cannot afford fine jewelry or high jewelry. But don’t expect it will keep the original look or it could be restored.
  • It's better to have both in your collection; nevertheless, never spend a lot of money on fashion jewelry if you can purchase fine jewelry with that amount because it has no value.
  • Keep in mind, that fine jewelry value is based on the weight of the gold and the size of the precious stones. You can always resize, clean, and fix your fine jewelry.
  • On the other hand, the cost of fashion jewelry depends on the brand.
  • Fashion jewelry is a better choice If you want variety as you can purchase more with less money.
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