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Art deco vintage engagement rings are very popular because of their unusual and unique appearance and feel. They easily attract the attention of a lot of people.

Art Deco Vintage Engagement Rings Style

Therefore, it is necessary to select the right vintage ring if you want to enhance your appearance.

What is Art Deco Style Ring?

Art deco is known also as "deco" sometimes. It is a style of design and architecture that appeared in France for the first time. This art is famous for its distinct abstract designs and geometric patterns.
Deco became a very famous and popular trend for jewelry between the 1920s and 1930s. There were many authentic pieces of jewelry art these days with abstract designs and contrasting colors, gems, and diamonds.

engagement ring art deco style

The art deco vintage engagement ring could have such elements as:

  • Smooth and straight lines, zig-zags, and parallel or symmetrical lines;
  • Triangular, trapezoidal, and other geometrical shapes;
  • Ornaments are also geometrically inspired;
  • Stylized elements;
  • Using light metals such as platinum, white gold, or silver

Moreover, jewelry made in art deco style goes away from using trendy diamonds, it tends to include colorful gemstones in the composition, such as ruby, sapphires, or emeralds.

It experiments with the gemstone sizes. You can find many examples of art deco rings with huge center gemstone, and it looks very attractive.

Designs of this style are highly detailed and have bold shapes. The art deco vintage engagement rings combine perfectly with long earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

vintage art deco ring

Celebrities Choose Art Deco Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage art deco rings are popular on a wide scale. These rings are not only limited to wedding and engagement occasions. Many celebrities vote for the art deco style. 

Here are some celebrities who choose art deco-style rings over other styles. 

  1. Sienna Miller. She looks to wear vintage rings and has been seen several times wearing an art deco ring.
  2. Scarlett Johansson. She is the lucky owner of an art deco engagement ring with a huge center stone.
  3. Kate Moss. With the wide fan following Kate starts the trend of wearing vintage engagement rings on formal occasions.
  4. Mary Kate Olsen wears a beautiful art deco vintage engagement ring with a round cut diamond.
  5. Jessica Biel. Is lucky to receive a ring that is inspired by vintage style.
  6. Penelope Cruz. She has been seen wearing a mixed diamond and sapphire engagement ring. 
  7. Ashlee Simpson. Her vintage engagement ring is inspired by vintage style and has unique features.
  8. Madonna´s art deco engagement ring has three stones.
  9. Kate Middleton - In this list, Kate's engagement ring is the most famous of all. She has the sapphire ring and attracts the attention of many people from all around the globe.

art deco ring in 14k gold with topaz

Art nouveau engagement ring style vs art deco engagement rings style – How to Distinguish

There is a lot of confusion about these two trends in jewelry design. Both styles are popular and widely presents in the market. We’d like to help you to feel and understand the difference.
art nouveau vs art deco style comparation


Let’s make it simple and clear once and forever.

Art deco is about gematrical shapes and symmetrical lines. Art nouveau is usually presented with asymmetrical lines and forms. Art deco uses urban technological motives, sharp angles, and bold geometry as inspiration. Art nouveau is all about floral and nature-inspired ornaments, with smooth curves and angles.
These details bring a difference between and just remembering these few facts you will never make a mistake identifying the style of engagement ring.

We hope that all the information here has helped you to understand the art deco engagement rings style. But if there is still any fraction of confusion left then ask us right away and we will be happy to assist you.

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