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Our payment plans are interest-free, and the installment schedule can be adjusted upon your request. The ring will be shipped after the final payment!

Normally, we divide the total amount into 3 parts, with each payment to be made once a month on a date that we agree upon as comfortable for you.

For example, if a ring costs $960 and we agree on the payment due date as the 20th of each month, the schedule would be:

  1. 20th August: $320
  2. 20th September: $320 / we're preparing the ring
  3. 20th October: $320 / ring is shipped shortly after that

After the second payment is made, the amount is non-refundable, and any changes (wrong ring size, switching the stone, or changing gold color) might have an extra fee.

Unless you're using Klarna, payments aren't automated! You will need to go manually through the checkout with the same link each time. We can't offer automated monthly payments for non-EU buyers.

Please remember that for shoppers in the EU, the Klarna option is available.

If you'd like to build a payment plan, please fill out this form.

If you’d like to build a payment plan please fill out this form.