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Ikar | custom engagement ring setting, pear cut gemstone 10x7 mm

Create Your Custom Engagement Ring Set

How it works? To place a custom ring order your cart must contain a minimum two items: desirable ring setting AND a gemstone. The setting will be adjusted individually to fit the gemstone you've selected. If you wish to have a digital mockup before we start production, please contact us after completing a purchase. 

Follow these 2 easy steps:

1. Select a ring setting

2. Choose a central gemstone

Additionally: add a matching band

About this ring style:

Introducing "Ikar" - an unconventional engagement ring set that transcends boundaries and ignites the imagination. This captivating piece is not your typical ring; it is a work of art, a testament to boldness and innovation.

Inspired by the concept of flight and freedom, Ikar takes its name from the mythical figure Icarus, the symbol of ambition and daring adventure. Just as Icarus dared to soar toward the sun, this unconventional engagement ring embodies the spirit of pushing limits and embracing the extraordinary.

Ikar boasts a mesmerizing design that captures the essence of flight. Its intertwined silhouette evokes a sense of movement, as if the ring is suspended in mid-air. The intricate detailing adds depth and texture, while the gleaming gemstone at the center symbolizes the endless possibilities that await.

This is the ring for those who dare to dream big and aim high, for those who crave adventure and seek to leave a lasting impression. It will become a true expression of your unique love story.

Comes with a matching wedding band to complete the set, and can be customised with different central gemstones.

      Central gemstone: visualisation shows 10x7 mm gemstone, weight: 1.7 - 3 ct average depending on a gemstone type. We can set slightly smaller or bigger central gem as well.

      Choose accent gemstones:

      ✵ OPTION 1: Moissanites: VVS clarity, G colour, 2 pcs marquise cut 4x2 mm, ~0.2 ct. 

      Moissanites are high quality man-made diamonds, we use the most durable ones available on market, VVS clarity. 

      ✵ OPTION 2: Lab grown diamonds, DEF colour, VS clarity, 2 pcs marquise cut 4x2 mm, ~0.2 ct. 

      ✵ OPTION 3: Natural diamonds: conflict-free, HVS, 2 pcs marquise cut 4x2 mm, ~0.2 ct. 

      Check real pictures and examples of finished Ikar ring 

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      Ikar | custom engagement ring setting, pear cut gemstone 10x7 mm - Eden Garden Jewelry™
      Ikar | custom engagement ring setting, pear cut gemstone 10x7 mm - Eden Garden Jewelry™