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Bespoke engagement rings shine with every aspect of your personality. That’s why you should invest in a custom engagement ring. This article will tell you all there is to know about custom-made engagement rings. 

All You Need to Know About Custom Engagement Rings

What is a Custom Engagement Ring? 

Some couples want a ring as unique as their relationship. The best way to do so is to design a custom engagement ring. After all, it’s something you need to wear every day. So, why not create something you truly adore? 

A custom engagement ring is exactly what it sounds like. It is a ring specifically built for you. You can create something unique or make small alterations to existing designs. Either way, you have a great choice on the design, metal, and gemstone selection. Just use your imagination and get the great result that will stay in your family for generations.


Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring? 


  1. The best thing about purchasing a custom-made engagement ring is that you get the unique piece of art that you will love
  2. Also, it’s always very exciting to know that you were an active participator in the creation process. It’s easier than you might think. To kickstart this journey, first, you need to do is to find styles you love. Ask yourself what you love about the design, what elements inspire you. Do you prefer a modern style or do you like the vintage look of jewelry? Answers to these questions will help you to make the right decision. 
  3. Every element is under your control. You can choose the metal, the stone, and the design elements up to your taste. What do you want the center stone to be? Which gemstone makes your heart thud? You have all freedom to make this custom ring your piece of art.


However, remember this is a ring dedicated to you or your partner. Keep your personalities in mind while designing the ring. Nothing shines as your partner does. Make sure you get a stone that reflects it and the style that your partner will love! After all, this ring is here for a lifetime. 

A bespoke engagement ring could also demonstrate the circumstances that brought you and your partner together. A custom design engagement ring will be a part of your family story and legacy. 


How Long Does a Custom Engagement Ring Take to Make?

To successfully design your custom engagement ring, you need to give yourself time. The process can take from two weeks to even several months. There are a few stages and tweaking involved before you get your dream ring.

The designing process is time-consuming, especially if you opted for intricate designs. If you need to make alterations, your timeframe might be hampered. However, creating the ring is a beautiful experience. Making something you and your family will treasure for a lifetime is always priceless.

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How Much Does a Custom Made Engagement Ring Cost?

A custom-made engagement ring is usually built from scratch. Since it’s not mass-produced, it’s costlier than your regular engagement rings. A custom ring covers everything from designing to goldsmithing to stone setting. 

A bespoke ring can cost from $500 to $15 000 and beyond. However, the expense varies according to the design complexities and the materials used. The brand name of the designer or jeweler you go to will affect the pricing too. 

Where to Get a Custom Engagement Ring Made?

You can get a custom design engagement ring in your local jewelry store or you can order it online from abroad. You can even go the extra mile and get the ring made in the country you first visited together or a place where you will go for a honeymoon.  

Choosing where to get the ring made is an important step. You want a designer with experience. Also, their style needs to complement your tastes. Furthermore, they will advise you on what looks good and what doesn’t. 

It’s easy to get carried away with the designing process, especially when you start from scratch. The ring is the symbol of your relationship. However, it’s often difficult to execute it in the design. The jeweler will help construct the ring of your dreams. 

The Process of Creating a Custom Engagement Ring 

No couple has the same story. That’s why creating a custom engagement ring is such a beautiful process. The ring must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it has to be meaningful too. 

It’s crucial to find the right jeweler. You need someone who will calmly assist you throughout the process. There’s something special about this collaboration - your vision and the jeweler's job to bring it to life.

The important thing is to keep a budget in mind before starting the collaboration process. Many elements affect the cost of the ring. Once the jeweler knows your budget and preferences, they will help you get the correct materials and design a custom engagement ring for you. 


The process is different for each jeweler, but here’s a short breakdown.

  1. Find your ideal jeweler. 
  2. Set your budget. 
  3. Share your idea. 
  4. Choose the metal. 
  5. Pick the center and side stones. 
  6. View the computer-aided design and make the final changes if needed. 
  7. Add the finishing touches. 
  8. Get it shipped! 

The last but not least tip you should remember is to relax and enjoy the creation process. Creating a bespoke engagement ring can be quite overwhelming, but if you do the right choice of your jewelry shop and jeweler it might convert into one of your most exited experiences in life.


Custom Engagement Ring vs Mass Made Engagement Ring

A custom-made engagement ring isn’t for everybody. However, it shows you went the extra mile. Remember, this ring will be a part of your family, it is here to stay. So, it is worth your efforts.

Of course, you can go the easier way and opt for a store-bought ring instead. These rings are mass-manufactured, without any unique element. However, it is still a very decent choice. No matter what ring you choose, the important thing is to make sure your partner adores it! 

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