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Engagement Ring Styles today are full of variety for every taste and budget. How do not get lost in all these "pavé", "solitaire", "nature-inspired", "vintage", "art deco", "modern", "classic" etc.? This article will help you to sort it out a little. 


What is an engagement ring, and what does it symbolize 

Engagement rings symbolize love, commitment, and unity among couples. The styles of engagement rings have changed throughout time, and various generations have different preferences about the style they like.
As we mentioned before, engagement rings today come in various styles and prices, but it can be not easy sometimes to find the perfect one for you and your loved one. When trying to understand the style of the engagement ring, there are many things you need to take into consideration. Such as gemstone, cut, metal type, etc. and sometimes it can be overwhelming. But don´t worry, basically, these mentioned features - numbers of stones, type of cut, gemstone placement, setting design - create and characterize the style itself. And will help you to determine which one is which.

Engagement Ring Styles are very wide nowadays

Some engagement rings styles are more classic and traditional, while others are more modern and unique. In general, we can divide all styles into a few categories - classic style (which basically includes classic solitaire, classic pavé, halo, tree-stones, princess), and non-classic style which is represented by fantasy style, art nouveau, art deco, vintage, nature-inspired style, floral, geometrical, modern and fusion.


Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Classic engagement ring styles are timeless and are reminiscent of past engagement ring designs. Classic designs are simple and elegant and have variations. Solitaire, halo, three-stone style, pavé, princess style we can relate to the classic style. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings Style

Probably the most popular engagement ring style. One stone is usually set in a simple setting in a solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire engagement rings could be plain or extremely elaborate, ornate or lavish, but always will have one unique stone on the setting. The definition of "solitaire" actually means "a single gem", "single stone". No other gemstones or diamonds around the setting or band are included.

solitaire engagement ring

Halo Engagement Rings Style

Halo style first appears in the 1920s and represents the design with more than one stone. Usually, it is a ring with a central stone such as a diamond (or any other precious gemstone) surrounded by other smaller diamonds and gemstones. It became very popular because the field of sparkle and shine produced thanks to small stones in the setting is much more attractive than in solitaire style. Did you know that word "halo" came in jewelry terminology from nature? In nature halo means "a ring of light around the sun".

halo engagement ring style

Three-Stone Engagement Ring style

The three-stone engagement ring style talks about itself. This is usually the ring with three stones on the band, usually in a line. Some sources in the jewelry industry say that the idea of engagement rings with three stones represents the past, present, and future. The three-stone engagement ring style is a popular alternative to the solitaire engagement ring style and is available in a variety of options.
Some rings with three stones have the center stone larger than the two side stones, while others have all three stones of the same size. 

three stones engagment ring style

Pavé Style Engagement Rings

The main feature that differs this style from others is that the pavé engagement ring has small diamonds around the setting or entire engagement ring band. Pavé tends to be a style where the diamonds are so closely set into the ring band that you probably won't see the metal itself. 
Pavé is often used as an added feature to rings made in other styles. For example, in combination with a halo or three-stones style ring. Choosing pavé, you definitely get more sparkles than with any other style. Also, the diamonds or gemstones used for this style of rings are small and their cost isn't so high, which is a benefit without a doubt.

 pave engagment ring style

Princess Style Engagement Ring

A princess engagement ring style has a square-shaped diamond alone or with side stones surrounding the center one. Eventually, the center stone could also have a slightly rectangular shape. By the way, the style itself is called so because of the center stone cut - princess cut. This probably is the second most popular diamond cut in the rings after the round cut. Princess-style rings are typically more expensive than others precisely because of the cut. Why? Because in the process of cutting diamonds into the square shape you lose more of the rough diamond. Princess cut diamond was created by Arpad Nagy 60 years ago (in 1961) in London and firstly was called a profile cut. But with time the name changed into a princess cut. 

princess engagment ring style


Fantasy Engagement Ring Style

When we say fantasy style in engagement rings, we mean something really unique and something that is not fitting to classic styles. It is something authentic and chasing. The style where jewelry designers can have all freedom creating their pieces of art. It combines and mixes elements from all different styles and uses all possible techniques in one. Probably it is one of the most interesting styles in jewelry design with unexpected and often outstanding results. If you are looking for something unique and unrepeatable you should have a look at this one.

Art Nouveau Engagement Ring  

Many people love art nouveau engagement ring styles. However, it can be hard to find in stores because this style is not for mass-produced jewelry. Art nouveau-style rings are like a "less is more" approach to jewelry design and detail. It's very organic in its feel and has an overall sense of symbolism in every piece. What makes these rings so special? They're organic-looking with symbols that represent nature, including flowers, vines, leaves, or branches that wrap around the ring. They can be simple or have very intricate details, but the overall feel of the ring should be natural. 
This sort of engagement ring tends to have more than just one center gemstone, usually, it uses also elements such as pavé or halo. Art Nouveau Engagement Rings are frequently inspired by nature, which is why many of the design elements resemble vines, leaves, and flowers. Most Art Nouveau Engagements Rings are not the cheap option because of the amount of labor required.

art nouveau engagement ring style features

Vintage Engagements Rings

Talking about vintage style the most important is to mention that we need to distinguish the vintage engagement ring from a vintage-style engagement ring. Don't get confused with this detail! The real vintage piece is that one that was created hundreds of years ago, and the vintage style ring is a simulation of a 100-year-old ring or exact reproduction. Also, some jewelers say that ring can be called vintage style only if it is handmade, in other words, made the same way as it was created in past decades. We are not going to argue with this fact, only will mention that this engagement ring style is a very interesting one and it is definitely for a woman with taste. 


Which type of Engagement Ring Styles to choose?

Engagement Rings are often one of the individual's most precious pieces of jewelry.  And here we are not talking only about the price, but about value. It can come in various designs and styles but not each will be the best choice for you, your taste, and your budget. Considering which style to stick to, first of all, think about the person who will wear that ring, and try to fit it to the style she uses on daily basis. If the engagement ring reflects her personality she will enjoy this ring for years to come.

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